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For the September LetsDrawSherlock challenge

Characters when they think no one’s looking~ :>

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My parents are asleep quick reblog this post with skeletons saying bad words


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you are a human being 

you are a human being

humans get hungry

humans get tired

humans forget

humans have emotions

you are a human being and losing control is normal

just make sure that you don’t let that loss of control define you

because humans are strong

humans recover

humans are built to survive

you are a human being

and you will make it through

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Please add more unwarranted explosions to gifs. It’s my favorite.











I like all of these and would like so much more of them to exist.

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Louisville Metro Police say they’ve arrested a man who terrorized his Hispanic neighbors.

According to an arrest warrant, the trouble started on Aug. 31, on Lipps Lane, off Preston Highway. Police say a Hispanic family was arriving home when they noticed that their neighbor, 51-year-old Douglas Poynter, had painted the words “KKK wants you to burn” on the side of his fence, facing their house.

Poynter also had erected a cross with the word “burn” written underneath it, police say.

According to the arrest warrant, he was still standing in his yard — covered in paint — when the family arrived. When they asked him why he would do this, Poynter allegedly swore at them yelling, “F____ you. F_____ all you immigrants.”

"He started threatening me and said the first chance I get, you’re mine. I’m gonna shoot you. Then he started pointing his shotgun out of the window," said Jesus Alamo.

Police say Poynter then swung his fist at Jesus Alamo, who pushed him back.

The victim’s 9-year-old step-daughter then said she was going to call the police.

Poynter them went inside his home and came out with a shotgun, police say, pointing at the Hispanic father, who was holding his 22-month-old son in his arms at the time, and telling him that he would shoot him the first chance he got, either in the front or the back.

When police arrived a short time later, they allegedly saw that Poynter was drunk.

The next day, on Sept. 1, the family came outside their home and immediately detected the stench of gasoline, according to the warrant, and noticed a puddle of gas on the porch. The father then told his family to go out the patio door, but they allegedly noticed gasoline on a rubber mat outside that door as well. When the family attempted to exit from a laundry room door, they found another puddle of gasoline, according to the warrant.

They decided to call the police.

While they were waiting for officers to arrive, Poynter allegedly walked out of his home with the shotgun and began waving it around, pointing it at the father and saying, “Sooner or later, you’re gonna die. You and your family.”

Police say they arrived a short time later, saw Poynter with the gun and drew their own weapons.

They ultimately advised the victim’s family to file a criminal complaint. According to the warrant, the victim claims to have had trouble with Poynter for several months, including one incident in which Poynter walked into his family’s home without being invited. Police say the man’s children — 12-year-old twins and a 22-month-old — are terrified of Poynter.

An arrest warrant was issued on Sept. 2, and Poynter was arrested later that afternoon. He was charged with criminal trespassing, attempted arson, terroristic threatening, wanton endangerment, harassment and menacing.

In court on Wednesday, Poynter shook his head as court officials described what he’s accused of doing.

By the afternoon, he was released from jail on a $10,000 bond.


They gave his ass bail….fuck the US.

Oh my god. This is fuck unreal. They gave him bail. I’m mad af.

Why the fuck was he not charged with attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, why was he not arrested on the spot, making treats to kill the family, waving around a shot gun, and wasn’t arrested on sight.

Because he’s white and a man.

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J. C. Leyendecker 

In other news, Leyendecker also drew persuasive f/f-gaze chemistry.

(Admittedly with same phallic sporting props often seen in his beautiful illustrations of dapper chaps who happen to be having white-hot eye-sex whilst advertising socks, arrow collars or golfwear.)



The art of shaving Dick.


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Aaaannndd this.
Dunno what I’m doing. Just whatever.